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Do You Need A NEW Screen For Your Granulator?
Services For Plastics, Inc. has been producing granulator screens for the plastics molding industry for over 30 years!  Over 10,000 screens have been field tested and customer approved. Why aren't you using SFP for your granulator screens?

Our knowledge and expertise spans ALL brands and models of granulators. What makes our screens different from our competitors? SFP uses the highest quality steel in the industry and our machining and bending processes maximize sharpness and the useful life of the granulator screen. After using one of our screens, you will understand the difference.

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  Check out our brands!
SFP carries a wide variety of the brands listed to meet your granulators spare parts needs. Click on the brands below to see our 'Image Library', with pictures of models for each brand.


Abbe Follceri Primotechnica
Adams Foremost Rapid
Adler Franklin Miller Rapid-America
ACE-Nelmor Getcha Rapid-Conair
Albis-Mazza Gloucester Republic
Alexanderwerk Granutec Rotogran
Alpine Gruendler Royal
Alpine-America Hamilton Satrind
 Alsteel Herbold Scholberg
Alsteel-Entoleter Herbold-Meckedheim SEM
Amacoil Horai SEM Nelmor
Amacoil-Polymer Hosokawa Micron Shini
Amacoil-Rapid Husky Shini USA
ARP Hydroclaim Shred-Tech
Autogrind Illig Sorema
Avian IMG Sprout Bauer
Ball & Jewell Jordan Reduction Sprout Waldron
Ball & Jewell-Sterling L&R SSI
Battenfeld Linder Sterling
Beliot Maguire Taylor Stiles
Berlyn Maku Temptek
Blackfriars Marathon-Nelmor Terrier
Brabender Meccano-Plastica Thoreson-McCosh
Buss-Condux Mitts & Merril Toshiba Machine
Cincinnati Moser Tria
CMB MPG Tria America
Colortronic MTB Triple S
Comet Nelmor Una-Dyn
Commodore Nelmor-ACE Untha
Conair Nelmor-Ball & Jewell Van Dorn
Conair-Husgard Nelmor-Pelletizer Vecoplan
Conair-Wortex Neue-Herbold Vitis
Condux NGR Warner-Technik
Corcoran Nicko Weima
Cosmoplastics Orenda Weima America
Cumberland Pacific Rim Weldon
Dreher Pagani Williams
Eagle Pallman Wittman
Ecogrind Panchal Woric
Eldan Pax Wortex
Englesmann Polymer Young
Entoleter Polymer-Amacoil Zeno
Erema Polymer-Cincinnati Zerma
Falzoni Polymer-Rapid
Flinchbaugh (FPI) Previero ... And MORE

  Services For Plastics, Inc. is a manufacturer of barrels, screws, screw tip assemblies, nozzles, nozzle tips, and end caps for the plastic molding industry. We also distribute a complete line of industrial accessories for the injection, extrusion, thermoset, and blow-molding industries. In addition, we specialize in upsize/downsize conversions, thermoset/thermoplastic conversions, and reconditioning services for barrels and screws.
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