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Quick Connect
Water Jumpers

Valved, Shut-off Plugs

200/300 Series Male Thread Brass


Valved, Shut-off Couplers

Straight Barb 45 Barb 90 Barb


Valved Brass Quick Couplers - Large Opening

Female Plug Male Socket


Non-valved, Straight-thru Plugs

Male Thread Brass Female Thread Brass Female Thread Steel


Non-valved, Straight-thru Couplers

Straight Barb 45 Barb 90 Barb


Non-valved, Straight-thru Push-lock Couplers

Straight Barb 45 Barb 90 Barb


Non-valved Brass Quick Couplers - Large Opening

Male Plug Female Plug Hose Plug
Male Socket Female Socket Hose Socket


Miscellaneous Fittings

Square Head Plug Bushing Hex Nipple


Male Reducing Hex Nipple Adapter Union


Male Branch Female Pipe Tee Coupling - Female


Reducing Coupling - Female 45 Street Elbow 45 Elbow - Female


90 Street Elbow 90 Elbow - Female Hex Elbow


Brass Hex Extension Elbow Brass Hexkey Street Elbow Brass Hexkey Elbow


Brass Hexkey Extension Elbow Brass Hexkey Extension Pipe Piston Tube


Brass Adjustable Hex Nipple Cover Plug


Pipe Cap Pipe Cross Counter Sunk Hex Head Plug


Mold Pressure Plug Close Nipple Long Nipple


Air Quick Connect Coupler Air Quick Connect Plug


Ball Valve Miniature Ball Valve


Adapter x Female NPT Coupler x Male NPT Coupler x Hose Shank


Coupler x Female NPT Adapter x Hose Shank Adapter x Male NPT


Dust Cap Dust Plug Replacement Gasket


Compression Quick Coupler - Type FC  Compression Quick Coupler - Type BC


Male Pipe Thread Female Pipe Thread Hose Splicers


45 Barb Elbow 90 Barb Elbow Brass Combination
Hose Inserts


Push-lock Male Pipe Thread Push-lock Female Pipe Thread Push-lock Male Pipe Thread


Extended Brass Plug Baffles Cascades

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