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Glass Cleaner


Camie 20/20 Glass Cleaner
Glass Cleaner with ammonia has a fast foaming action that dries quickly without streaking or hazing. Highly concentrated and effective for all light duty cleaning applications on surfaces not affected by water, including glass, metal, plastic, paint, etc. A must for every screen shop. 
  • No CFC's or ODS's

Packaging:  Sold in 20 fl. oz. cans (19.5 oz. net weight); 12 cans/case (not available in bulk).

MS20/20 Glass Cleaner

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Our spray cleaners/degreasers are comparable to the following brands: 3M, ATM, Blue Gold, BridgeView, C&H Chemical, Calfonex, Cartier, Chem-Pak, Cosco, CPC, CRC, Dickler, Ellsworth, Four Star Chemical, Hygela, IndusCo, Jax, Jolt, King Pine, KPA, Krudkutter, Krylon, LBS M.G. Chemicals, Mean Green, MPC, MRO, Mykal, Perma, Permatex, Phillips, PolySystems, Price-Driscoll, Punch, Rite-Chem, Rocol, Safety-Kleen, Sentral Chemical, Sierra, Solvent Kleene, Solvon, Spray Nine, Spray On, Stoner, Sun Brite, Tech Spray, Utility, Weicon, Zibb, Zep.

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