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Purge information

Relevant questions on your choice of purging compound

Are you performing regularly scheduled maintenance purges, or more difficult color or resin changes?
Maintenance purges implemented before a weekend shutdown can be handled with a light-duty formula, while difficult color changes may require a heavy-duty purge product that can breakdown and force the undesirable residue from the screw and barrel unit.

Do your molds have hot runners?
If so, a specialty purge formulation designed to flow through and clean out those smaller channels should be considered.

Are you aware that particular resins such as Acetal or Delrin release vapors?
You should be aware that molding with these resins might result in the release of concentrated amounts of acidic vapors during the procedure. A purge compound that will counteract this from occurring may be needed.

Have you checked the recommended operating temperature for the purge compound that you are planning on using?
Resin with higher operating ranges like PET or some engineering grade resins may require using a purge formulation specifically designed to work at those elevated temperature levels.

Did you know that each purging compound has use instructions?
Reviewing product Instruction Sheets will help to ensure that you meet your purging needs.

Chemical And Mechanical Purge Products

The best choice for barrel sections, feedscrews, or manifolds where there is low pressure is a chemical purge. A chemical reaction occurs when the purge comes in contact with the resin. Some formulas require no soak time, others up to 15 minutes.

Mechanical relies on shear force and the differences in viscosity with the purge compound to clean molds. There is no chemical reaction and no soak time needed to purge.

Econo-Purge Purging Compound is granular and uses chemical purging
Hi-Temp Purge Purging Compound is granular and uses chemical purging
Klenz Purging Compound is granular and uses chemical purging
P.D.Q. Purging Compound is liquid and uses mechanical purging
Purge-Atory Purging Compound is granular and uses chemical purging
NuPurge Technology Purging Compound is granular and uses chemical purging

Compounds Rated For GRAS

The following purging compounds have been rated with Generally Recognized As Safe, GRAS, rated ingredients.

Econo-Purge Purging Compound
Hi-Temp Purge Compound
Klenz Purging Compound
Purge-Atory Purging Compound
NuPurge Technology

Table showing purging options

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