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Get smart about purging

"When your equipment is down, your business is down"


What is a purging compound?
A purging compound is a plastic resin compound designed to clean all primary plastic machinery (injection molding, blow molding, extrusion) when changing color, resin or simply to remove black specks or contamination.

Changing color in an injection molding, blow molding or extrusion machine can be very difficult and time consuming if a purging compound is not used. Processors that do not use a purging compound when changing colors usually use regrind plastic in its place. This practice does not clean the machine but simply pushes the color out of the barrel. Initially it will appear that the molded part is clean but in the event that the machine is stopped for any reason, the previous color will re-appear when production begins again. To clean a 500-ton machine in this manner can take 45 minutes to over 2 hours depending on the color and type of plastic resin in use. Some cases can even require machine shutdown, disassembly, and cleaning with a wire brush resulting in even more lost time and production. Save yourself the time, money and headache by purging your machines at shutdown and changeover with Tec-Purge.

Save Money, Save Time with Tec-Purge
Tec-Purge purging compound removes all traces of barrel residue in any plastics processing application without the extra soak time (only 60 to 90 seconds), downtime or lost productivity. The most effective purging technology developed in decades, Tec-Purge utilizes a completely new reactive chemistry eliminating the need for multiple purging products. Processors will only have to store and use one purging product instead of several, dramatically reducing overhead and operating costs. Tec-Purge is also very easy to remove from the machine only taking 3 shots to completely flush.

How Does Tec-Purge Work?
Tec-Purge consists of concentrated purge pellets that react chemically to heat, to quickly and effectively clean machinery without having to remove any compononents. The purge is so effective that even deposits accumulated over long periods of time are often removed with the first use. Have peace of mind knowing that your equipment is perfectly clean and that no other contaminants will appear in future production.

Packaging:  Sold in 55lb bags.


  • One product for ALL of your purging needs
  • Wide temperature range of 200 - 700F
  • FDA compliant
  • Effective with most resins
  • Used with all plastic manufacturing processes
  • Replaces acrylic as a purge at a fraction of the resin volume
  • No smoke or smell
  • Contains a heat-released visual aid that tells you that it has worked


  • Injection Molding
  • Blow Molding
  • Extrusion
  • Co-extrusion

TEC-PURGE Tec-Purge concentrated purge pellets 55 lb. Bag


Our purging compound is comparable with the following brands: Asaclean, Bamberger, Cleanplast, Eko, Gator Purge, Grange, Lakos, Neutrex, Vovachem, PTS, Purge-USA, Rapid Purge, RBM, Slide, Spartech, Ultrapurge, XPD8. 

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