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Heater Release & Heat Transfer Agent

Watlube Heater Release and Heat Transfer Fluid is an easy-to-use and non-electrically conductive coating that acts as a barrier against high temperature oxidation. 



Permits Higher Watt Densities

Watlube allows you to use heaters in a closer fit without lengthy downtime for replacement.

Improves Thermal Conductivity

Heat transfers more quickly from the heater sheath to the part with Watlube. This allows the heater to operate at lower temperatures.

Prevents Heater Seizure

Because it prevents high temperature oxidation, Watlube assures quick and easy heater removal even after extended service.

Extends Heater Life

Heaters of all wattage will last longer and provide longer service with the tighter fit and improved conductivity offered by using Watlube.

Easy to Use

A thin coat is all you need. Brush it on the heater sheath with the included applicator brush. Avoid contact with leads or end plugs.


Note: Do Not use as a substitute for proper hole fit.


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