Preventative Maintenance
Lack of maintenance on processing equipment can cost your company an abundance of energy, processing inefficiencies, and downtime. Adversely, proactive maintenance is purely positive and can pay big dividends in the future. Machinery that is maintained properly means decreased consumption, increased productivity, better part quality, and reduced downtime.

Screw O.D. Measuring Micrometers allow precision measuring with 0.0001" or 0.01mm graduation. Deluxe heat insulated forged steel frame and carbide tipped construction are designed for solid performance and long life. Micrometers have a ratchet stop and lock nut to ensure exact repetitive readings. Bar is precision-welded in place at 0.000"/0.00mm point for accurate measuring. All micrometers come with appropriate standard and wrench.

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Dial Bore Gauges allow rapid and accurate checking of bores for size, ovality, taper, wear, etc. All models operate on the proven principle
of two diametrically opposed measuring points, one fixed and one moving, plus a spring-loaded centralizing shoe.
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Tec-Purge purging compound removes all traces of barrel residue in any plastics processing application without the extra soak time. It is the most effective purging technology developed in decades! Tec-Purge utilizes a completely new reactive chemistry eliminating the need for multiple purging products. Processors will only have to store and use one purging product instead of several, dramatically reducing overhead and operating costs.  

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Copper Gauze 
Brass Brushes
Bore Cleaning Brushes
Brass Cup Brushes
Copper Center Brass Brushes

Don't neglect those Granulator Screens and Knives. Get your new screens and blades at Services For Plastics, or recondition your old blades. The condition of your knives has a key performance effect on the grinder.  Having
blades that are properly sharpened will increase the efficiency, cutting rate, decrease fines, and decrease noise.
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Services For Plastics, Inc. is a manufacturer of barrels, screws, screw tip assemblies, nozzles, nozzle tips, and end caps for the plastic molding industry. We also distribute a complete line of industrial accessories for the injection, extrusion, thermoset, and blow-molding industries. In addition, we specialize in upsize/downsize conversions, thermoset/thermoplastic conversions, and reconditioning services for barrels and screws.
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