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Bore Gauge Parts, Series 215






 C215 Bore Gauge Ball Anvil Seat Assembly

1 C215/25 Ball Anvil Nut

 C215 Bore Gauge Steel Ball

2 C215/26 Steel Ball 3/16" Diameter

 C215 Bore Gauge Carbide Ball - Metric

2a C215/26TC Carbide Ball 3/16" Diameter

 C215 Bore Gauge Ball Anvil Seat

3 C215/24 Ball Anvil Seating

 C215 Bore Gauge Shoe

4 C215/3 Shoe

 C215 Bore Gauge Shoe - Metric

4a C215/3M Shoe (metric)

 C215 Bore Guage Shoe Spring

5 C215/4 Shoe Spring

 C215 Bore Gauge Shoe Stop Screw

6 RD10/654 Shoe Stop Screw

 Bore Gauge C-215 Contact Plunger

7 C215/5 Contact Plunger

 C215 Bore Gauge Bell Cover

8 C215/31 Bell Crank Cover

 C215 Bore Gauge Bottom Section

9 C215/2 Bottom Section

 C215 Bore Gauge Plug

10 C215/27 Plug

 Bore Gauge C-215 Bell Crank

11 C215/7 Bell Crank

 C215 Bore Gauge Lower Plunger Retaining Screw

12 C210/48 Lower Plunger Retaining Screw

 Bore Gauge C-215 Lower Plunger

13 C210/8 Lower Plunger

 Bore Gauge C-215 Lower Plunger

13a C210/8M Lower Plunger (metric)

 Bore Gauge C-215 Middle Plunger

14 C210/124 Middle Plunger

 Bore Gauge C-215 Middle Plunger Guide

15 C210/93 Middle Plunger Guide

 Bore Gauge C-215 Upper Plunger

16 C210/10 Upper Plunger

 Bore Gauge C-215 Return Spring

17 C210/11 Return Plunger Spring

 Bore Gauge C-215 Upper Plunger Guide

18 C210/9 Upper Plunger Guide

 Bore Gauge C-215 Shroud

22 C215/1 Shroud (4-hole)

Bore Gauge C-215 Shroud

22a C215/1BM Shroud (3-hole)

 Bore Gauge C-215 Shroud Retaining Screw

23 C210/49 Shroud Retaining Screw


24 C215/14 Extension Rod (2" to 2-1/4")

24a C215/14M Extension Rod (51mm to 57mm)

24b C215/15 Extension Rod (2-1/4" to 2-1/2")

24c C215/15M Extension Rod (57mm to 63mm)

24d C215/16 Extension Rod (2-1/2" to 2-3/4")

24e C215/16M Extension Rod (63mm to 69mm)

24f C215/17 Extension Rod (2-3/4" to 3")

24g C215/17M Extension Rod (69mm to 76mm)

24h C215/18 Extension Rod (3" to 3-1/4")

24i C215/18M Extension Rod (76mm to 82mm)

25 C215/12 Sleeve Cap Adaptor

25a C215/12M Sleeve Cap Adaptor (metric)

 Bore Gauge C215 Extension Rod Locknut

26 C215/13 Extension Rod Locknut

 Bore Gauge Spanner

27 C215/22 Spanner 

 C-210 Bore Gauge Tommy Bar(s)

28 C215/23 Tommy Bar

 Bore Gauge C-215 Bezel Clamp

29 RD10/93 Bezel Clamp

 Bore Gauge C-215 Bezel Clamp Screw

30 RD10/94 Bezel Clamp Screw

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