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NYRACORD® Anti-Fatigue/Safety Mats

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NYRACORD® is a unique blend of rubber and nylon combined to produce the toughest, most durable matting available. This combination is blended to give you “the customer" the finest industrial floor matting on the market today.  The manufacturer of our floor mats is the Quality Leader -with top-performing products and unparalleled service.  As a true measure of quality, our supplier has achieved certification to QS-900/ISO-9001 System Requirements and IS0-4001 Environmental Management System Requirements.  They are recognized worldwide for their commitment to excellence.


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WALK-EZ® is the best buy for applications desiring a premium quality, long lasting, easy to clean anti-fatigue matting. This multi-purpose mat will last up to 5 times longer than other rubber and vinyl runner mats.

Since WALK-EZ® will withstand temperatures of over 400 degrees F, it can be used in welding, grinding, or machinery areas, places where other mats may tear, melt or rot.

WALK-EZ® requires minimum maintenance as dirt, moisture, or foreign particles will fall into the concave valleys below the walking surface.


WALK-EZ® Features

  • Reversible for Added Traction on Ramps or Inclines

  • Excellent Traction Surface Even When Wet

  • Easy to Clean with Broom or Sweeper

  • Flat Ribs offer comfortable standing surface

  • Knob Underside Provides Excellent Cushion for Reduced Fatigue

WALK-EZ® Specifications

  • 3/8” Thick

  • Black


Nyracord EZ-WALK

A heavy duty 1/2"  thick smooth NYRACORD® Rubber surface bonded to a rubber/nitrile blended sponge base. The result is premium matting that withstands forklift wheeled cart traffic without tearing, creeping or loss of anti-fatigue properties. Beveled edges minimize tripping hazard.

sample of mat EZ-WALK® Features

  • Heavy Duty to withstand wheel traffic

  • Beveled edges to minimize tripping hazards

  • 1/2" sponge rubber base for added comfort

EZ-WALK® Specifications

  • Smooth rubber bonded to 1/2” Thick base 

  • Black

NYRACORD® Counter Tred

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Grease resistant Counter Tred® is blended from NYRACORD® rubber and nitrile to provide the most durable oil resistant anti-slip matting on the market. Open slot design allows oils or solvents to flow through the mat providing a safe slip-resistant working surface. This means all foreign particles, oil or moisture to drop through the mat.

Counter Tred
® matting adapts itself perfectly to use around machinery in factories and machine shops. It provides better footing where water, petroleum greases or oils cause slippery conditions.

Counter Tred® Features

  • Estimated 10 Years of Life in an Injection molding environment

  • Reduces Fatigue

  • Heavy Duty ˝” Thick NYRACORD® Withstands Wheel traffic

  • Unique Ribbed Pattern for Sure Footing

  • Promotes Safety in Wet or Oily areas

Counter Tred® Specifications

  • ˝” Thick

  • Black

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