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Protect your machine with a DroolshieldŽ

DroolShieldŽ fits on the nozzle of an injection machine and protects drool-back from destroying heater bands, wiring, and insulation blankets.
The Teflon coating on the exterior makes for easy removal of plastic drool.
DroolShieldŽ is adjustable to fit any machine, install within seconds, and because they can withstand temperatures up to 700°, they provide a reusable, long-term solution.



  • Easy to Install
  • Protects Heater Bands, Thermacouples, and Insulation Jackets
  • Easy Clean Up
  • Saves Downtime

Design Components

  • PTFE-Coated
  • Aircraft Aluminum Disc
  • Custom Fit Packing
  • Therma Slick Coating
  • Stainless Steel Clamp
  • Binding Post Guides
  • Teflon Packing

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is drool?

A: Plastic injection molding machines will sometimes leak residual molten plastic from the barrel end after the mold is opened. This residual, sometimes in sizeable quantities, is known as drool.

Q: What is a DroolShieldŽ?

A: DroolShieldŽ is a cost-effective device which, when positioned over the end of the nozzle of an injection molding press, deflects damaging drool away from key press components.

Q: What kind of damage does DroolshieldŽ prevent

A: By deflecting drool away from wiring, any thermal blankets and heater bands, the risk of damage to those components is eliminated. Replacing damaged heater bands alone can be costly and time-consuming. Save time and money, purchase SFP DroolShieldŽ today!

Q: How difficult is installation?

A: Installation of DroolShieldŽ is not difficult at all. Simply slide the DroolShieldŽ over the nozzle end and secure in place. Installation takes just seconds with no equipment downtime or modifications. It's an easy way to save both time and money. See diagram for information on installation here.

To purchase a DroolshieldŽ contact us at 800-627-1033 or by email at
For directions on how to measure your machine for a DroolshieldŽ and installation, click here.

Q: How effective is DroolshieldŽ at high temperatures?

A: The modified closed-cell copolymer construction of every DroolShieldŽ affords excellent heat resistance at temperatures up to 700° F.

Q: Does DroolShieldŽ have to be sized for each press in my operation?

A: DroolShieldŽ is adjustable to fit any machine. New perforated slots allow for greater flexibility.

Q: What is the economic benefit of using DroolshieldŽ?

A: When unwanted drool escapes, the damage caused to heater bands and other key components, as well as resulting downtime from that damage, can be costly. By eliminating that risk of damage, DroolShieldŽ saves operation dollars and invaluable time.

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