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Off-The-Shelf Solutions for Your Insulating Needs

Service For Plastic's insulations systems offer a broad base of superior, energy-saving solutions that conserve energy, preserve process temperatures and improve workplace safety.

Virtually any type of manufacturing process that operates at high temperatures could benefit from the use of an insulation system. Insulation systems are used on various applications within the plastics injection and extrusion molding industry, where heat conservation and process temperatures are concerned.

Heat Loss = Wasted Energy

Our insulation products for plastics processing has a return on investment of less than 12 months and often times much quicker depending on: process type, temperature, and cost per KWH. Typical time to recoup insulation cost is based on operating machines 24 hours per day, 5 days per week paying $0.15 per KWH. Heat loss costs the industry hundreds of millions of dollars annually. No other energy project will pay for itself as quickly and with as little upfront effort.

Cost Savings of Insulating Products

  • Creates a safer working environment for your employees.
  • Lowers ambient temperature in your facility, lowering air conditioning costs.
  • Readily available off-the-shelf components allow you to easily customize your order.
  • Increase equipment lifespan by protecting components from high temperatures.
  • Shorten start-up time between jobs.
  • Helps control processing temperatures to produce less scrap parts.
  • Jackets and blankets are removable and reusable.

Material Composition

Outer layer: Made of PTFE coated fiberglass cloth can withstand temperatures up to 550°F.
Outer fabric: Made of silica cloth can withstand temperatures up to 1800°F.
Inside layer: High-density ceramic fiber can withstand temperatures up to 2000°F.
Straps: Made with fiberglass yarn can withstand temperatures up to 1000°F.
Buckles: Made of nickel steel.

Insulation jacket sample

Types of Insulating Products

Insulating Jackets
Jackets encompass the barrel with heater bands and thermocouples.
Jackets can circle the barrel with wires from the heaterbands and thermocouples running along the inside of the blanket.

Insulation jackets

Throw Blankets
They cover the heated processing elements of the machine.

Throw Blankets

Custom Jackets
Customizations are available.
Please contact us at 800-627-1033 or by email at

Measuring: The process is simple.

1. Decide on the TYPE of insulating product that you need.
Insulating Jackets: Off-the-shelf jackets, standard sizes to choose. from.
Throw Blankets: Single blankets with or without magnets.

2. For an Insulating Jacket, measure the circumference of the barrel at its largest diameter and the width in inches.

3. For a Throw Blanket, measure length and width.

4. Send measurements to or call 800-627-1033.

WARNING: When installing or measuring for an insulated product, please follow all safety precautions and use proper and adequate protective safety aids, such as protective gloves and suitable clothing. Keep all metal objects away from heater bands. Never use metal tape for measuring purposes. Failure to do so may result in injury.

Photos for measuring for insulation products


Installing jackets is quick and easy. Simply place jacket over the object, fasten straps, but Do Not Overtighten.

Throw blankets are attached by optional straps or magnets.

Laying insulation jacket over barrel
Tightening insulation jacket

To purchase Insulation Products or a DroolshieldŽ contact us at 800-627-1033 or by email at
For more information read our Frequently Asked Questions.


Unlike most removable insulation systems, ours are standard, readily available off-the-shelf components to meet any custom fabricated requirement. Virtually any component in our product line, can be modified to fit your needs. Whether your needs are simple or highly complex, Services For Plastics can help. Contact us at 800-627-1033 or email us at

Insulation Jackets

Insulation Jackets

These are removable and reusable. Jackets wrap around a barrel, or other equipment, holding in heat. They are easy to maneuver and simple to install. They help reduce energy costs by maintaining constant process temperatures. Insulating Jackets are used in a variety of applications where heat conservation and process temperature is a concern.

Throw Blankets

These are unique, removable and reusable insulation covers, protecting at temperatures up to 1500°F. Throw Blankets are lightweight, modular, and easy to maneuver. The possibilities for draping or magnetizing the throw blankets to an object or application, are virtually limitless.

Throw Blankets
Straps and Buckles

Straps and Buckles

Straps are precisely spun using fiberglass yarn. The strength of the nickel steel roller buckles and design flexibility allow for an easy adjustment and exact fit.


Throw blankets are manufactured with or without magnets to suit your needs. Magnets can be purchased separately.
WARNING: Magnets are not to be used around electrical connections.



This device protects heater bands, wiring and insulation from the expensive and damaging effects of drool blowback. Plastic drool collects on the shield instead of damaging or destroying your equipment. It can withstand high temperatures up to 700°F.

For an overview on the DroolShieldŽ device, CLICK HERE.

For technical tips on measuring and installing the DroolShieldŽ, CLICK HERE.
For technical tips on insulation blankets and jackets, CLICK HERE.

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