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Dial Bore Gauges


Baty Bore Gauge Head

Dial Indicator Head

Three-Point Head
Three-point Measurement Head

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Dial Bore Gauges allow rapid and accurate checking of bores for size, ovality, taper, wear, etc. All models operate on the proven principle of two diametrically opposed measuring points, one fixed and one moving, plus a spring-loaded centralizing shoe.

To check the actual size of a bore, the gauge must be set to size with a bore of a known diameter, or by means of a micrometer measurement over the fixed and moving points. Inserted into the bore, it is only necessary to "rock" the gauge slowly to locate its measuring axis to the bore, shown by the point of reversal of the indicator hand. The reading at that point is the deviation from set or normal size. A range of interchangeable extension rods allow a single instrument to cover a wide range of bore sizes.

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• Reduce Lost Profits Due to Worn Barrels
• Simple to Operate
• Measure at Your Convenience; Not a Service Tech's

• No Electric or Air Hookup Needed
• 0.0005" Graduation Indicator Readings
• Built-in Centralizer Shoe for Easy Repetitive Performance
• Shock Protected Movements with Revolution Counter

Metric Gauges Also Available

Baty Bore Gage with Optional Tape

PSE21010-12 7/8" - 2" 12"
PSE21010-18 7/8" - 2" 18"
PSE21010-24 7/8" - 2" 24"
PSE21010-36 7/8" - 2" 36"
PSE21010-48     7/8" - 2-1/2" 48"
PSE21010-72 7/8" - 2-1/2" 72"
PSE21510-12 2" - 6" 12"
PSE21510-18 2" - 6" 18"
PSE21510-24 2" - 6" 24"
PSE21510-36 2" - 6" 36"
PSE21510-48 2" - 6" 48"
PSE21510-60 2" - 6" 60"
PSE21510-72 2" - 6" 72"
PSE21510-84 2" - 6" 84"
PSE21510-96 2" - 6" 96"
PSE23510- 6" - 24" QUOTED ON REQUEST

SFP bore gauges are comparable with the following brands: ABM Tool, ABS, Ames, Asimeto, Baker, Brnes, Baty, Bocchi, Bowers, Brown & Sharpe, Central Tool, Chicago, Compac, Diatest, Dorsey, Dyer, Flexbar, Flite Technology, Fowler, Glastonbury, Hemco, Jegs, Jutco, Kafer, Meda-Superior, Milhard, Mitutoyo, Peacock, Schwenk, Standard Gage, Starrett, Subito, SPI, Sunnen, Teclock, Calue, Veribor.

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