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Copper Gauze
For Cleaning 
Screws and Barrels

Copper Gauze

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  • Tough interlocking loops won't pull apart.
  • Heavy weight .004" x .025"
  • Safe, soft copper wire won't scratch surfaces
  • Non-flammable
  • Pure copper won't rust or contaminate
  • Knitted mesh keeps flat wire on edge for scraping
  • Reversible mesh - medium grade mesh on outside, turn inside out for heavy cleaning coarse mesh

Packaging:  Sold in 5" x 100' rolls and 5" x 400' rolls.


CG-100 5" 100'
CG-400 5" 400'

SFP Copper Gauze is comparable with the following brands: Amistco, Letraw, SWIFT, Pennsylvania Wire, Amstat, Hillside Wire, Gerald Daniel, AH&H, Nixalite, TWP, Murdock, Marco, Metex, Talleres, Goodscour, Ningbo, Anyang, Belleville, TWP, Cleveland, Seltek, Twin City, Amstat, ECS, Jemmco, Jemm-Clean, Pace Engineering.

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