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Extrusion Die Soap

Part Number: EDS

General purpose cleaning for Barrels and Feedscrews!

SFP Extrusion Die Soap is the ideal way to safely clean your plastication components: barrels, feedscrews, screw tip assemblies and endcaps. SFP Extrusion Die Soap can quickly remove carbon and plastic residues without time consuming hand polishing.

It is a general purpose cleaning compound consisting of: fine abrasives, high quality grease binder, stearic acid, hydrogenated glyceride, yellow petrolatum, jap wax, and amorphous silica 600.

  • Good for cleaning feedscrew before removing
  • General purpose cleaning compound that consists of fine abrasives
  • Removes carbon and plastic residues
  • Pushes through safely cleaning components
  • Safe for use of temp. of at least 150F

1 bar 2x 2x 9.5, 16 Bars Per Case
Weight 48 lbs per case, approx. 3 lbs. per bar

Bar of Die Soap

  1. Cut bars into small pieces.
  2. The barrel's temperature must be at least 150F.
  3. Put SFP Extrusion Die Soap into the feed throat of the barrel.
  4. Lower the feedscrews rpm's.
  5. SFP Extrusion Die Soap will be pushed through the extrusion unit, cleaning out the carbon and plastic residues.
  1. Hold soap directly on mold surface which is at least 150F.
  2. The soap will melt covering any residue on the surface.
  3. Allow soap to soak on surface for at least 5 minutes, more if necessary.
  4. Remove soap and residue with copper gauze.

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