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Bunting Magnets

GR Series Round Magnets W/Baffles                          GS Series Square Magnets W/Baffles

Why use magnets for the plastics industry?

To protect your investment in machines, material, and your place in the market.

Magnets can keep your plastics operation running smoothly and productively. We offer an exceptional line of metal separation equipment.

  • Drawer Magnets Vacuum

  • Drawer Magnets

  • Low Profile Drawer Magnets

  • Self- Cleaning Drawer Magnets

  • Un-Drilled Drawer Magnets

  • Grinder Plate Magnets

  • In-line Magnets for Gravity or Pneumatic Systems

  • Hopper Magnets

  • Torpedo Magnets



  • You can trap tramp metal even before it reaches your storage silo by installing a Pneumatic In-Line Magnet.

  • Under the silo, use HF Drawer Magnet. Drawer Magnets with multiple rows of staggered magnet grates are thorough at removing tramp iron.

  • Before the material reaches the hopper, install another in-line magnet.

  • At the hopper consider an inside the hopper magnet.

  • Between the hopper and the feed throat use a drawer magnet.

  • To save labor, many of our magnetic separators are self-cleaning or pneumatic self-cleaning models, and all offer the constant protection of magnetic power.

Magnet Options

You can customize by selecting the permanent magnetic material that’s best suited for your application. Permanent magnets provide continuous dependable protection year after year with little or no maintenance. They resist demagnetization and won’t generate unwanted heat or shut down during a power failure.

  • Ceramic Magnets are the standard material used in our separation equipment and is the right choice for most separation applications. They create a strong magnetic force that captures and holds both larger and small ferrous objects and debris.

  • Alnico Magnets are naturally heat-resistant and can handle high temperature applications as high as 1000 degrees Fahrenheit Alnico magnetic energy separation capabilities are similar to Ceramic.

  • Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets have the extra magnetic energy required to capture extremely fine or weakly magnetic contaminants and can handle high flow rates and dense materials.

  • Rare Earth Separation Magnets can be ordered in several grades and have a raw energy product many times greater than Ceramic.

Increase Operating Efficiency With Self-Cleaning Continuous-Cleaning Separators

When large amounts of tramp iron collect on magnets, their capacity to capture and hold additional contaminants is reduced. To facilitate cleaning, many Separators are available either in manual self-cleaning models that make hand cleaning significantly easier or in fully-automatic cleaning models that can be removed controlled and timed. Automatic self-cleaning separators are ideal for locations where worker access is limited.

Versatile Drawer Magnets Fit Many Applications

  • HF Series-are equipped with powerful magnetic cartridges, they can be configured with two or more cartridge trays arranged so that the cartridges are staggered to increase contact with the product stream. Material moves in a zig-zag pattern from one cartridge tray to the next.

  • NEO FF Series- are supplied with super strong- neodymium Rare Earth magnets that capture and hold ferrous metal particles so small that you may not be able to see them with the naked eye. This drawer magnet is ideal for injection molding machines, this design is guaranteed not to lose its permanent magnetic strength when bolted to feed throats operating at temperatures in excess of 175 degrees Fahrenheit. That means less downtime with reduced screw wear and fewer plugged nozzles.

Low Profile Drawer Magnets

This drawer magnet is designed to provide magnetic protection for installations where head room is critical. It’s space saving 5 11/16” overall height makes this unit one of the most compact on the market

Self Cleaning Drawer Magnets

The dual action Self-Cleaning lets you save time two ways as you protect product purity and equipment.

  • You can clean it in place with one quick pull or remove the whole drawer assembly for safe off-the-machine maintenance.

  • The whole magnetic cartridge and drawer assembly can also be completely removed  from the housing.

Un-drilled Drawer Magnets

Drill your own mounting holes to save time and money.

Drawer Magnet Options

  • Patented No-Spill Slide Gate-shuts off the product flow

  • Purge Hopper-speeds clean-out of your equipment

  • Rear Dump Tube-lets you empty the drawer housing and hopper

  • Liquid Port-allows you to inject liquid color or additives

  • Powder Seal Kit-prevents leakage out the slide gate

FFV Series Drawer Magnets

  • Offers just in time magnetic separation.

  • Mount on the throat of the plastic mold machine and are equipped with an  o-ring seal at the drawer front to prevent air leaks.

  • These “Just in Time” systems convey small amounts to the molding machine.

Grinder Plate Magnets

The Answer to Low Cost Machine Protection.
Your regrind operation runs an extra risk of tramp metal contamination. Now you can protect it easily and economically and save the wear and tear on you grinder blades.

  • Protect grinders from major damage

  • Capture many types and sizes of ferrous debris

  • Available in sizes to fit most applications

  • Mount magnets side by side to cover extra-wide   trays

  • Predrilled aluminum frame facilitates installation

Each grinder plate magnet is manufactured with a rugged cast aluminum frame.

Front magnetic pole face and back plate are made of mild steel.

In-line Magnets

Gravity and Pneumatic In-Line magnets feature full-flow architecture that leaves the product stream unobstructed. Tapered transitions guide material directly over the face of the hinged plate magnet, which swings away from the housing for quick external cleaning.

  • Designed for unobstructed product flow

  • Compression couplings speed in-line installation

  • Powerful magnetic field covers entire cross-section of product flow

  • Available with Ceramic or Rare Earth magnets

  • Magnet swings out for easy cleaning

  • Optional stainless steel construction

Hopper Magnets

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, what ever is required to fit your needs.

  • Manufactured from #304 stainless steel

  • Uses high density Ceramic 5 permanent magnet material

  • Welded construction with optional rod or angled baffles to direct the flow of material

Round magnets with baffles

Square magnets with baffles Also available without baffles

Torpedo Magnets

The Torpedo Magnet is designed to be used in the “Just in Time” (JIT) hopper loader.

  • Formed stainless steel ring, welded to a high energy Rare Earth magnet cartridge

  • The magnetic cartridge hangs suspended in the center of the (JIT) loaders glass tube

  • Being suspended with the material flowing around it tramp metal is captured before it reaches your plastic molding machine.

Type Of Metal Used To Manufacture Housing

Mild steel

Stainless steel

The type of steel used is dictated by your application and the type of magnetic cartridges that are required.

Magnet boxes can be custom painted to match the color of your machine.

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