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Abrasive Pads

Anti-seize Lubricant
Auxiliary Equipment - Temptek
Brush Extension Rod
Brush T-Handle Extension
Camie Adhesive Sprays
Cooling Towers
Copper Gauze
Cutting Tools
Desiccant - Molecular Sieve
EZ Loader
EZ Loader Spare Parts

- Purging Compounds
Gaylord Tilters
Gaylord Vacuum Wands


Grease, White Lithium
Granulator Knife Blade Resharpening
Granulator Knives
Granulator Screens

Hoist Rings
Hopper Loader
Line Vac - EXAIR
Lithium Grease, White
Machine Mounts
Magnets - Drawer
Magnets - Hopper
Magnets - Inline
Magnets - Torpedo
Mats - Floor Safety
Metal Protective
Mold Chutes

Mold Clamps
Mold and Metal Polish
Mold Shields
Mold Sprays
Mold Temperature Controllers

Pads - Abrasive
Pump Tank Stations
Purging Compounds
Sprayway Adhesive Sprays
Shields - Mold
Temperature Controllers, Mold
Tilters, Corner

Tube Cleaning Brushes
Vacuum Loaders
White Lithium Grease
Wire Wheels


Barrels and Screws



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Accu-Flo Screw Tip Assemblies
Ball Check Valves

Barrel Insulation Blankets
Barrels - New
Barrels - Reconditioning Services
Bi-Metallic Barrels
Bore Gauges, Dial
Bore Gauge Replacement Parts
CAED Technology Nozzle Tips
Downsize Conversions
Drool Discs
End Cap Adapter Wrenches


End Cap Adapters - Barrels

Glass Master

Insulation Blankets, Barrel
Nozzle Heater Bands
Nozzle Tips
Nozzle Tips, CAED Technology
Purging Compounds
Screws - Glass Master
Screws - New
Screws - Rebuilding Services

Screw Micrometers
Screw Tip Assemblies - Accu-Flo

Screw Tip Assemblies - OEM
Screw Tip Assemblies - 4-Piece
Screw Tip Assembly Installation
Super Wear-Resistant Steel
Thermoplastic Conversions
Thermoset Conversions
Tie Bars
Tie Bar Covers
Upsize Conversions
Wrenches, End Cap Adapter


Hoses & Fittings




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Air Guns
Air Hose Static Eliminator
Auxiliary Equipment - Temptek
Ball Valves
Clamps - Hose
Cover Plugs
Desiccant, Molecular Sieve
Drum Covers
Fittings - Air Couplers & Plugs
Fittings - Adjustable Hex Nipples
Fittings - Cam & Groove Couplings
Fittings - Compression Quick Couplers
Fittings - Extended Plugs
Fittings - Extension Hose Barbs
Fittings - Hex Elbows
Fittings - Hex Nipples, Adjustable


Fittings - Hexkey Elbows
Fittings - Hexkey Extension Pipes

Fittings - Hose Barbs
Fittings - Hose Splicers
Fittings - Hydraulic Couplers & Plugs
Fittings - Non-Valved Brass Couplers
Fittings - Pipe Fittings

Fittings - Street Elbows
Fittings - Valved Brass Shut-off Couplers
Fittings - Water Jumpers
Fittings - Water Couplers & Plugs
Fittings - Weld Couplings
Fittings - "Y" Manifolds
Gaskets, Replacement Cam & Groove
Gaylord Covers
Hose - Air/Water/Oil
Hose - Dryer
Hose - Self-Coiling, Air

Hose - Suction

Hose Clamps

Hose Comparison Chart
Hose Cutters & Replacement Blades
Hose Inserts
Insulated Dryer Hose
Molecular Sieve Desiccant
Piston Tubes
Plug Caps, Plastic
Safety Clips - Couplers
Seals, Replacement
Temperature Controllers, Mold
Thread Seal Tape
Thread Sealant
Vacuum Loaders


Electrical Products



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AC Voltage Sensors
Amperage Conversion Chart
Anti-static Copper Tinsel
Band Heaters - Mica
Band Heaters - Ceramic
Cartridge Heaters
(Hi-Temp, Metric, Square)
Ceramic Caps
Ceramic Heater Bands
Ceramic Strip Heaters
Cleaning Brushes
Coil Heaters
Contactors - Mercury
Controllers - Temperature Mold
Glass Cloth Hi-Temp Tape
Heater Bands
(Adjustable, Mica)


Heater Bands (Ceramic - Insulated Plus)
Heater Bands - Nozzle
Heaters - Cartridge
(Hi-Temp, Metric, Square)
Heaters - Ceramic Band
Heaters - Coil
Heaters - Strip
Hi-temp Tape
Hi-temp Terminal Rings
Hi-temp Wire
Jack Panels
Mercury Contactors
Mica Heater Bands  
Nozzle Heater Bands


Ring - Terminals
Square Cartridge Heaters
Strip Heaters
(Electrical, Hi-Temp)
Temperature Controllers - Mold
Terminal Caps - Ceramic
Terminal Rings - Hi-Temp
Thermocouple Accessories
Vinyl Electrical Tape
Wire - Hi-Temp
Wire - Thermocouple


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